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Welcome to the page of Clodge's Token Bahá'í, Ben.

Last updated: Fri 14 May 04 @ 19:07

Wow! my very first website... Welcome to my world.

Obviously the stuff you\'d most like to know about are my favourite web-pages; and these should tell you something about myself too;-
Seize the Day are definitely my favourite band - I can play almost all of their songs;- and have even worked-out guitar parts for purely vocal songs like \"Designer Kids\"
This is the official site of the Baha\'i Faith - and I am one of the 6 million Baha\'is in the world. It\'s a good place to learn the essentials of what Baha\'is believe, as is, and;
I am fascinated by various languages; especially invented languages such as Esperanto. The founding-concept of Esperanto was to create a language that was easy to learn (but as full of expressions as any natural tongue); which everyone in the world could learn. Thus anyone could talk to anyone else, and only need to learn one language.
Here you can learn a little about my absolute hero;- Lidia Zamenhof - the first Polish Baha\'i. Her story is the most moving thing I\'ve read since I became a Baha\'i 6 years ago; and has inspired me to devote my efforts to bring the Baha\'i teachings to Poland.
The website of the Autonomous Student Network; which has been especially active in opposing the proposed closure of 5 departments in Swansea University (where I study at the moment).
Beautiful site; filled with funny and intriguing things. Especially the rabbit who had a gun!
Another beautiful site - linked from Yomgaille. It has some quite moving artwork on it; and don\'t stop exploring until you\'ve seen the Russian Dolls...
My favourite living poet - an amazing Swedish woman I met in Cardiff only a couple of weeks ago.
Online encyclopedia with information about various things; most interesting thing I found there was pages about Pravic - the invented language in Le Guin\'s book, \"The Dispossed\"

That\'s probably told you a lot about myself; my faith, home, favourite book and band, most inspiring person and what I generally do online!

The only thing left for me to say is- enjoy those sites! And you\'re welcome to any Baha\'i activities that are happening in your area;- for instance, I am organising a Spiritual Festival in the South of Poland this July (4th to 10th). People from all over Europe are welcome- from every religious background too! You can e-mail me about it at

Or you can talk to me personally at