Mugs and Trees

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To Julian, Filliza and Foff

Meet the guy from Fife
Wields his trusty knife
Meet the lad from Clwyd
A follower of Freud

As he sits up the tree
Doth the worker oversee
Ensuring our safety
His chips don't look tasty

From Morriston to Gowerton
He's travelled far and wide
Many wares has he brought back
And now an egg he's fried

They dance around the tree
Watch that buzzing bee
As he bends his knee
He's on a <unintelligible> spree

From Pencoed to Bargoed
He's travelled far and wide
Many strange things has he seen
And nev'r again will he be lean

They still watch him
In his tree they see him
Let him eat his stocks
But their lives, they're in locks

Meet the gal from Trehafod
Thinks it's the Eisteddfod
Meet the lass from Llanfair
Lighting up the pyre

And those mugs
They stand there
Paying, paying him
And singing their
Themeless melodies
Like this
Themeless melody
They sing a
Themeless, themeless melody

13-18 November 2002