Days o/t Thilrads

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I remember when
I was told of stories of
Crushed tea bags, herbal tea and dried up coffee
The figure on the throne
Brandishing the Snippus
Calling, beckoning to sit
Offering a cup

Chaplains as mythical as unthreatened hobbits
The kettle of rage
The dregs in the cup appeared
The time was so tangible
Coz I have never left
Times crosswords handed down
Reach secret tunnels in our brains
No-one could see Jenny

I fell into chaplaincy
Our lectures seemed far away
I want to stay
I know that I'll never leave

The girl on the chair was waiting for me
She was always glimpsing
The new-age death hobbits
The new-age cut hobbits
And everyone was drinking

Nothing could snip us then
No-one could lecture us then
Everyone was snipping
Crossword could hurt us then
Coffee could take us then
Everyone was drinking
Everyone was snipping

22 May 2003