Save the Wail

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Looking now
      Then, now
And I see
      Land, sea
What I know
      Yes, no
I'll never be
      Fly, bee

Fly away from here, little bee
You can fly far
While I'm stuck here like a tree
Though I look to that star

It's not a root but a lock
Sometimes I feel I'm in the dock
Charged for all I've ever been
Chaos is all I've ever seen

Just innocence do I crave
As I read my heart
I'm ready to fall in like a cave
All my lives will part

Wanna be there
      Here, there
Simple life
      Death, life
Make me well
      Wishing well
Heal that tear
      Flow, tear

Flow from my eyes, salty tears
Let us go away
No-one round here really hears
Just another day

Sometimes it all feels so cold
Never was I ever told
Confused, perplexed, not understood
Conceal my face in a green hood

If I could just be innocent
For another day
Raise me from my steep descent
And I might survive

      Wrong system!
Survive, survive
      Still wrong!

Life loses rhyme
Life loses rhythm
Life loses pitch
      Pitch uncontrollably
      Pitch inconsolably

Confused, in a world where it's all one
Individuals have no voice
I want to free them, every one
If I have the choice

      Give me life
      Set me free
      Drop that knife
      I want you t'see

I'm still searching
When I'm free I'll save them
As I look over what I see
Is great perplexity
Let me save you
Up here is where I want to be

But one more day of what has been
All those things that I have seen
Let my past return to me
Then to the future I'll bend my knee

Want to re-live done chaos
      Live it
      Live it

Then I'll return to you

      Still confused
      Still dreaming

The mystery will continue

But perhaps
      Yeah, maybe
it's where I want to be

But just first for one more day
Innocence will reign today

      It has returned

Let it all return to me
Order in the chaos

      Chaos, chaos

Return me to this war
      I will fight it
Return me to it
      I will win it

Win it for them all

Win it for you all


September / October 2002