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the band that isn't sinister

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Tour! Now Over!
See the Tour Pages for more information...

The new Clodge site!

Welcome to the redesigned Cathartic Lodge site! If you must visit the old site, don't click here because the link died long ago!

Clodge is a – er – unique band from South Wales, land of the hills, valleys, rain, steep slopes, valleys, rain, precipitation and wet weather. The songwriter can't sing and doesn't have any useful instruments (apart from his fantasy blade collection) so our music tends to be a little odd; we're more of a theoretical concept band, really, although we are taking it all a little too seriously at the moment and may end up actually producing something at some point. I'm sure we could find the right skills somewhere.

If for some bizarre reason you want to contact us, do so by sending an e-mail to To send a message to a specific member, look up their own e-mail address on the members page. If you want to donate us some money, for some yet more bizarre reason, click here!

Latest News!

Tue 10 Apr 2018
It's occurred to me that this site hasn't been updated properly for many years and some of the links are broken. But still you need us. Yes.

Thu 10 Nov 2016
We've had a Referendum. And a certain country out west has had an Election. There is so much to say. But what do we say? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Thu 10 Nov 2016
Rev Nigel
Clodge recently heard of the death of Rev Nigel John, chaplain at Swansea University, whom we claimed as our own chaplain. See here:
Evening Post

Sat 9 May 2015
The Election
Election fever is over. Britain has spoken. We now have a Tory majority government.
Clodge is not impressed.
The election is over.
The new era begins.

Sat 14 Feb 2015
The Comeback
Clodge is back. Two new songs have been written and more are to come. Go into a dark room and read the lyrics by candlelight.
We have returned.

Thu 30 Nov 2006
The Clodgers are shocked to have learned of the death of Michael Blakey in India, where he has been functioning with charity Tong-Len.
Michael joined Clodge shortly after its inception in 2002. He resigned in 2004 because there was too much snipping.
A few links...
The Tribune
HC Malcolm

Fri 8 Apr 2005
Warped Tour 2005
The Warped Tour is due to take place in America during June-August 2005. Cathartic Lodge has indicated that it will not be participating in said tour. We can't afford to travel to Bushland.

Wed 6 Apr 2005
New Song!
Clodge hereby announces that it plans to cover the amazing song Om by Smeg and the Heads. However, no-one has heard the song in its entirety so we might have to improvise a bit. Hmm.

Wed 19 Jan 2005
The Brotherhood
We have found some people who are competing to be as crazy as Clodge (although Lewis says they'll never be as sinister as Clodge)! They are the Brothers of the Illuminated Ruler... visit them here!.

Sat 28 Aug 2004
Agony Page
Yes... Clodge now has its very own agony page, with Aunty Swindon and The Uncle. Click 'ere to see it!

Mon 17 May 2004
There's scary and then there's scary: Lewis is now with page!

Fri 14 May 2004
Another Member Page!
...and now Ben has his own page as well!

Thu 13 May 2004
Another New Page!
Scary Steve now has his own page as well! Click 'ere to see it!

Wed 12 May 2004
New Page!
Clodge's newest member, Aunty Swindon, now has her very own page on this site! Click 'ere to see it! Other members will be starting their own pages soon...

Mon 10 May 2004
Fan Forum!
A message board is now available on the Fan Club members' pages. If you're signed up as a fan, log in now!

Mon 10 May 2004
Mugs & Trees Demo!
Z is in the process of 'recording' a Mugs & Trees Midi file. Download and listen to an incomplete copy here if you dare! See the lyrics here.

Mon 10 May 2004
New News Bar!
A garish new news bar has been added to the Clodge site front page! It is red. You can probably see it right now; if you can't, do let me know where you saw this text!